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Iron Man 3 : or why do part 3’s always suck

Came back from watching Iron Man 3… What the fuck happened? Part 2 was pretty bad but I think it deserves an academy award after watching part 3.
My friend Fabian even pointed it out… At the end when we see “tony stark” talking to “Bruce banner” and Bruce is past out…that’s exactly how I felt during the movie.
The movie was a huge trip of Downey jr with a severe ADHD problem.
1- guy pierce is a good actor, but recently he’s been cast to act as a shitty badguy.
2- American patriot was useless (was don cheadle sleeping during his scenes?) they made it seem like he was going to play a big part FINALLY, but once again “war machine” was used as toilet paper.
3- Mandarin is not even Mandarin… I wanted to see the rings! Could’ve been used perfectly with the Avengers 2 villain Thanos! But Nooooooo.. mandarin is played by Ben Kingsley (I believe all those shoots were actually filmed and Ben Kingsley wasn’t even aware they were filming him).
4- real smart “tony” giving away your address on tv and doing absolutely NOTHING to protect your home or loved one… Real smart!
5- anytime there’s “kids” as sidekicks… It’s already going to suck! i like kids.. But get them away from movies! Let them stay in Disney or MTV crap! Unless the kid is deaf, retarded or dying brutally .. I don’t want to see them in movies!
6- what the fuck was with the music? Every scene was full of stupid annoying music!! Whoever was in charge should just stop working for any type of movies… Horrendous!
7- casting was really really bad! Oh no, another girl that tony slept with wants revenge.. Oh wait she’s trying to do good… Nope, she’s dead (USELESS).
8- so many iron man suits … And the idea of using them all just happens to come to mind when the movie ends… NOT when tony is stuck in the middle of nowhere, freezing his ass off.
I thought to myself “maybe the movie was rushed?” Maybe it’s Disney? Maybe it’s Marvel? I don’t care anymore… This movie sucked big time! When will someone do a part 3 that’s actually good?
I’m very dissapointed! I can believe I’m also getting robed by my entertainment.

- Jai